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MicroHack - Azure DNS Private Resolver

With Alexis Plantin, we just released a MicroHack around Azure DNS Private Resolver (public preview).

Azure Service Principal - 8 Best Practices

Azure Service Principal (SP) management at scale can be time consuming for Cloud Center Of Excellence (CCOE) / Cloud Platforms. This article provides some tips & best practices to put...

Azure Network Monitoring with Connection Monitor & Bicep !

In this article, I present how to set up network monitoring with the Connection Monitor tool (part of Azure Network Watcher) using Azure Bicep 🚀

pfSense & Azure - Set up S2S VPN with static or dynamic routing

In this article, I will describe how to configure pfSense to create a S2S VPN to Azure with static or dynamic routing.

Azure VMs - Automatic patching with tags!

The intent of this article is to explain how to daily or weekly patch Azure Virtual Machines with tags. To achieve that, I will rely on Azure Update Management and...

Azure API Management & Network

The intent of this article is to deep dive on Azure API Management network integration possibilities with two scenarios described below.