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ExpressRoute resiliency

Understanding ExpressRoute private peering to address ExpressRoute resiliency

NSG Flow Logs to Event Hubs using Logstash & Container Apps

NSG flow logs is a feature of Azure Network Watcher that allows you to log information about IP traffic flowing through a network security group (NSG).

AKS Monitoring with Splunk

AKS monitoring with Splunk is possible: you can monitor both the Azure Control Plane part and the application part (logs & metrics).

MicroHack - Azure Application Gateway

I just released a MicroHack around Azure Application Gateway.

NSGaC - Network Security Groups as Code

NSGaC is an open source project based on Terracord and GitHub Actions that allows to manage Network Security Groups (NSGs) rules for VNets in Azure, as code.

Deploy umami on Azure Container Apps

umami is an open source, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics. This article explains how to deploy it in Azure using Azure Container Apps which is a new service that enables...