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NSGaC - Network Security Groups as Code

NSGaC - Network Security Groups as Code

NSGaC is an open source project based on Terracord and GitHub Actions that allows to manage Network Security Groups (NSGs) rules for VNets in Azure, as code.

NSGaC permits:

  • Auditability: know who created a rule, when and why
  • Reduce implementation lead time: once a rule has been requested (via pull request), if all the validations (terraform syntax, manual/automatic approval) are successful, the rule automatically goes into production. The rollback is also part of the CI/CD if needed.
  • Maintain consistent rules: anything manually created in the portal is deleted. The only source of truth are the nsg rules in this repository.
  • Integration with ITSM systems: CI/CD is extensible to fit organizations ITIL processes.
  • Enforce micro segmentation easily: create isolation and determine if two endpoints should access each other by managing rules correctly.

Checkout GitHub repository to start using NSGaC!

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