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Expose on-premise applications with Application Gateway, and share those applications privately to Azure partners

Load balancing on-premise applications from Azure with Application Gateway is possible. The intent of this article is to explain how to achieve that, but also detail how to share these...

Filter traffic to Private Endpoints with Azure Firewall

In this article, I present how to filter traffic destined to a Private Endpoint with Azure Firewall. Long story short: SNAT is almost mandatory 😀, as explained in the documentation....

MicroHack - Azure DNS Private Resolver

With Alexis Plantin, we just released a MicroHack around Azure DNS Private Resolver (public preview).

Azure Service Principal - 8 Best Practices

Azure Service Principal (SP) management at scale can be time consuming for Cloud Center Of Excellence (CCOE) / Cloud Platforms. This article provides some tips & best practices to put...

Azure Network Monitoring with Connection Monitor & Bicep !

In this article, I present how to set up network monitoring with the Connection Monitor tool (part of Azure Network Watcher) using Azure Bicep 🚀

pfSense & Azure - Set up S2S VPN with static or dynamic routing

In this article, I will describe how to configure pfSense to create a S2S VPN to Azure with static or dynamic routing.