How to deploy an Angular2 app on your favorite PaaS

You know it, I became a PaaS fan for several reasons : end of server management, end of everything management (backups, logs, monitoring, auto-scaling …). It allows me to concentrate on what really matter : delivering features often & quickly to my business.

Today, I’d like to share with you how to deploy an Angular2 app on your favorite PaaS (Clever-Cloud, Heroku or whatever).

Long story short: build sources in order to generate static files, serve them with an Express server.

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How to easily monitor JMX metrics with Nagios

Monitoring JMX metrics with Nagios can be a painful task. Why ? Because for each jmx metric (like the heap memory used, non heap memory used, thread count […]), you have to create a service attached to service group (it depends actually on your modeling). Usually, if you want to do it well, you’ll have to create at least 6 services to monitor your JVM.

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How to deploy a Symfony app on Clever-Cloud

Clever-Cloud is just an amazing IT Automation Platform (i.e PaaS++). It allows you to deploy apps easily & quickly, really !

Above all, the platform is easy to use. I think they fell in love with KISS principle.

Let’s see how it works and how you can deploy easily Symfony on it.

This article is structured in three main parts: Create your app on Clever-Cloud, Edit Symfony configuration files and deploy Symfony.

I’ll assume that :

  • You have a Git repo with at least Symfony 3.2
  • Your project use a MySQL database
  • You have a ./web/uploads/ folder on your project with files (like img, attachments …)

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